Vouchers and Tax Credit Scholarships in the US

2015 - The future of public education in the United States is at a critical crossroads.  Watch this video to learn how the growing trend of sending public money to private schools through vouchers and tax credit scholarships threatens public education.

We need to make a choice: do we fully fund our public schools that serve all students?  Or do we continue to support private school options for a few, at the cost of underfunded public schools?

We believe in fully funded public schools and reforms that equip our schools to meet the needs of each and every student.  Join us!

Action NC
Arkansas Citizens First Congress
Arkansas Public Policy Panel
Center for Popular Democracy
Citizens for Educational Awareness (MS)
Education Opportunity Network
Fund Education Now
Indiana Coalition for Public Education of Monroe County & South Central Indiana
Intercultural Development Research Association (IDRA)
National Education Policy Center
One Voice
Parents for Public Schools Jackson
Public Schools First NC
Southern Echo
Texas Kids Can't Wait

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 Related Research

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