2019 Governor Races

Choosing Our Children's Future

Education in the Elections

Governors play a crucial role in directing a state’s education policy. From approving budgets, signing and vetoing legislation, and in many states appointing the state superintendent and more, the position of governor possesses significant power to affect the lives of millions of children. The Southern Education Foundation has compiled education policy positions from the Democratic and Republican candidates seeking election in the three southern governor seats open in 2019 (Kentucky, Louisiana, and Mississippi).
Louisiana's Gubernatorial Race
Mississippi's Gubernatorial Race

The Future of Public Education on the 2019 Ballot in

Kentucky, Louisiana, & Mississippi

What You Need To Know

Why Governor Races Are Important…

To bring about deep system change...states must address several policy pillars. Governors are uniquely positioned to carry out that work. They are the only state leaders who oversee the entire pipeline from birth through postsecondary education and into the workforce.

-National Governors Association

Why Governor Races Are Important…

Governors set the agenda and determine policy priorities. They drive critical funding decisions for everyone involved in the education ecosystem and play the single most important role in ensuring equity for historically marginalized students.

- Southern Education Foundation

Why Governor Races Are Important…

According to the annual report, Is School Funding Fair? A National Report Card, Mississippi and Tennessee rank in the bottom ten nationally for per-pupil education expenditure.

-Rutgers University’s Education Law Center