Autumn Blanchard

Director of Marketing and Communications
(404) 991-6766

Autumn Blanchard, Director of Marketing & Communications, serves as the architect of the SEF marketing strategy and takes the lead on sharing their 150-year long story. The heart of her work centers on strategic communications, brand development, media outreach, digital marketing, and developing and promoting original content ideas.

Autumn brings a host of critical experience from the disciplines of communication, politics and education. She most recently comes from the marketing industry where she was responsible for brand development, strategy, and client acquisition supporting Fortune 500 clients. Her political acumen was sharpened during her work in the Detroit Headquarters of the 2008 presidential campaign and while managing a city council campaign in 2009 in which case both newcomer candidates were victorious.  She prides herself on her genuine passion for education cultivated through her experience teaching at the university level and taking a lead role in student support services focusing on student development, retention, and advising for those who are first-generation, low-income, and students of color. She also served as diversity liaison to Central Michigan University’s board of trustees advising on student equity issues.

Autumn graduated summa cum laude from Central Michigan University with degrees in communication & political science and magna cum laude from Wayne State University with a master’s in communication with a concentration in political communication and public relations. She is currently a doctoral candidate in communication studies with a concentration in education policy, and her research centers on the media’s role in shaping the public’s perception of education policy and its implications on equity. She has extensively studied and researched the media’s role in voter perception and mobilization, political disenfranchisement, and educational inequalities in marginalized communities.

She hails from Detroit and is passionate about the early inspiration she received by leaders and mentors to advocate for educational opportunities and political voice for young people. She is equally impassioned about the challenges and opportunities that exist in the South and as a result has committed herself to communicating about the issues that impact young people most in the region.

Please contact Autumn Blanchard with any media inquiries that you may have.

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