South Carolina Candidate Comparison

James Smith (D)

Current Member of the South Carolina House of Representatives, 72nd District​

Henry McMaster (R)

Current Governor of South Carolina​

Education Record/History Education Record/History
2017: Co-sponsored bill requiring state’s public universities to adopt discipline policies for anti-Semitic actions 2018: Proposed executive budget for FY19 allocated $5 million need-based grant program to place police officers in every school
2013: Co-sponsored bill to create new sex education curriculum 2018: Proposed executive budget for FY19 allocated $18.8 million to charter schools, signaling a 5% funding increase
2011Voted for new guidelines of the state school voucher program to enable income tax credits to private schools  2018:  Proposed executive budget for FY19 allocated $25 million for base student costs, signaling a $10 funding increase per student
2011Did not vote on expanding charter school funding 2017: Vetoed $20.5 million funding to replace state’s school bus fleet
2007Voted for a bill establishing a statewide school district choice and open enrollment program  
Education Platform Education Platform
Teachers: Supports an initial 2% pay raise for teachers followed by efforts to increase average teacher pay to meet or exceed the Southeastern teacher pay average Superintendent: Supports making the state superintendent a cabinet-level, governor-appointed position
Higher Education: Supports increasing state funding of colleges and universities to lower tuition costs School SafetySupports placing a trained police officer in every school
School Funding: Supports updating the state’s education funding formula to provide extra funds based on student needs rather than geographic area Cost of Education: Supports decreasing administrative costs in education by consolidating small school districts
Transportation: Supports investing in updating the state’s school bus fleet School Choice: Supports the expansion of charter schools and the development of better transportation options to get to schools
School Curriculum: Supports making computer science a core part of state’s curriculum and offering advanced courses in all high schools School Curriculum: Supports the introduction of coding and computer science classes in every school in the state 



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