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The Texas Legislature Must Recognize The Cost And Benefit Of High-Quality Education For All. Dallas News. February 10, 2019. // School Funding

Florida Decision Raises Enforcement Concerns About Equitable School Funding. SEF. January 2019. // Education Equity

Legislative Session 2019: Will a teacher pay happen this year? January 3, 2019. // School Funding

Teachers Seek More Public School Funding in Upcoming Legislative Session. January 3, 2019. // School Funding



The Future Is Bright for Community Schools. December 7, 2018. // Education Equity

National Charities Give Less, By Nearly Half, To The US South. November 9, 2018. // SEF in the News, Education Equity 

Local Control of Schools Is Historically And Politically Important In Black Communities. State Takeovers Disempower Them. The 74. November 2018. // SEF in the News, Education Equity

Bold Words Speak To The Impact Of Politics On Education. Atlanta Daily World. June 2018. // SEF in the News, School Funding

2016 Public Elementary-Secondary Education Finance Data. U.S. Census Bureau. June 2018. // School Funding

Thousands Of NC Teachers Rally In Raleigh For More Education Funding. The News & Observer. May 2018. // School Funding

Legislative Budget Vote Includes Full Funding For Georgia Schools. WABE. March 2018. // School Funding

Georgia Lawmakers Reject Public Funds for Private Schools. AJC. March 2018. // School Funding

If Education Is Georgia's First Priority, Fund It Accordingly.  AJC. February 2018. // Education Equity

Pierce Takes Reins at Southern Education Foundation. Diverse Issues. January 2018. // SEF in the News

Southern Education Foundation Fights for Educational Equity and Opportunity in the South. Black Enterprise. January 2018. // SEF in the News

Report Shows Urgent Need for Southern States to Improve K-12 Schools for Every Child. NKy Tribune. January 2018. // Education Equity


Racial Equity Leadership Network Aims to Address Disparities Within Districts. Education Dive. January 2017. // Leadership Development

Fewer Young People are Being Sent to Jail, But They're More Likely Black or Hispanic. Miami Herald. January 2017. // Education Equity

Georgia Lawmakers Propose Almost Tripling Private School Scholarships. The AJC. February 2017. // Advancing Public Education

Southern Education Foundation Report Examines "Untold Barriers" Facing Low-Income Black Students. Connect. May 2017. // Improving College Access & Completion

Culturally Responsive Developmental Education. Inside Higher Ed. May 2017. // Improving College Access & Completion

Wells Fargo grants $836K to boost education in Atlanta. Atlanta Business Chronicle. May 2017. // SEF in the News

Isolated and Segregated. Center for American Progress. May 2017. // Education Equity

What it's Like to Survive High School Only to Fail College. Bangor Daily News. November 2017. // Education Equity


A Failing Grade for K-12 State Takeovers. Education Week. January 2016. //  Advancing Public Education

Salvaging Education in Rural America. The Atlantic. January 2016. // Education Equity

The Overwhelming Whiteness of U.S. Private Schools, in Six Maps and Charts. Washington Post. March 2016. // Advancing Public Education

How Income Inequality Affects the High School Dropout Rate. GPB News. March 2016. // Education Equity

ESSA's Success Requires Stakeholder Engagement. Education Week. May 2016. // Education Equity

The Challenge of Educational Inequality. The Atlantic. May 2016. // Education Equity

Experts: School Segregation Part of Larger Problem. USA Today. May 2016. // Education Equity

Georgia Has Something on its Mind -- And a Lot of People Think it's a Really Bad Idea. The Washington Post. // Advancing Public Education 

K12 Leadership Network Aims to Eliminate Equity Gaps. District Administration. December 2016. // Leadership Development


Majority of U.S. Public School Students Are in Poverty. The Washington Post. January 2016. // Advancing Public Education


Fighting for Survival. Inside Higher Ed. June 2014. // Improving College Access & Completion

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