Facts about State Takeovers of Public Schools


Lawmakers in nearly a dozen states have passed, or are considering legislation that creates a state-run school “district” that is empowered to seize control of individual low-performing schools. The districts – often called “Achievement School Districts” or “Opportunity School Districts” – are touted as a way to improve student academic outcomes. State-run districts are in place in Louisiana, Michigan and Tennessee. They have not improved academic outcomes for most students. Instead, they have served as a mechanism for wholesale conversion of public schools to charters, and to disenfranchise tens of thousands of African American and Latino voters. What’s the real story behind state takeovers? Is there a better way to support struggling students and schools?

This webinar, recorded on March 18, 2016, is intended for students, parents, teachers, community advocates, policymakers, and others interested in learning the facts about state takeovers and in discussing proven alternatives to turnaround struggling schools.


March 2016 Webinar Recording 

Panelists: Keron Blair, Kyle Serrette, and Ken Zarifis

Video Length: 58:14 min.


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