Ginny Looney Servant Leader Award


The 2018 Southern Education Leadership Initiative is being graciously supported by the Ginny Looney Fellowship Fund. In the spirit of honoring the life of Ginny Looney, a long-time Atlanta-based attorney who was committed to fairness, ethics in government, and equitable public education, 10 emerging leaders will have a unique leadership development opportunity in the South.

The summer fellow who receives the Ginny Looney Servant Leader Award will receive an additional stipend at the end of the summer to carry their work forward. The recipient also will be able to designate a donation from the Ginny Looney Fellowship Fund to the southern education effort of their choice that is significantly moving the needle toward equitable education. The Award is designed to provide an opportunity for a young emerging leader to receive special recognition and reward for making a very significant contribution to an advocacy effort and to have an initial experience as a donor supporting the compelling work of others.  If you would like to contribute to this effort, please click here.



This year's Ginny Looney Servant Leader Award recipient is Chloe Sikes. All our fellows exhibited outstanding commitment to the cause of education equity and community development but it was Ms. Sikes' intricate understanding of how to best apply her skills toward that cause that made her stand out even among such an impressive cohort. We have no doubt that Ms. Sikes and her fellow SELI cohort will go on to become the next generation of educators, civil rights leaders, and social justice advocates needed to transform the future of education in the South and beyond.

As a winner of the Ginny Looney Servant Leader Award, Ms. Sikes has been awarded an additional stipend toward continuing her education advocacy journey. Likewise, SEF has made a donation to the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF) on her behalf.

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