Mia Bowman

SELI 2018 Fellow

Mia Bowman is from North Augusta, SC. She recently graduated from Clemson University where she received a Bachelors of Arts in Chemistry and Science Teaching. She is also in the process of obtaining her Masters of Education in Teaching and Learning with an Emphasis in Teacher Residency from Clemson University. Mia hails from a long line of educators, from her grandmother – an elementary school teacher – to her parents who teach at the high school level. Surrounded by passionate educators her whole life, Mia was inspired to teach from an early age. She has always had a science-oriented mind and would watch “Zoom” on PBS daily, making teaching science a natural fit for her passion.

Mia is placed this summer with the Bibb County Public School District in Macon, Georgia. There, she is working with the Racial Equity Design Team to address the major equity needs of the school district. Through this work, the district hopes to begin forming a conversation on equity within the district that will hopefully lead towards new equity policy changes. She is also helping the district with a Social and Emotional rollout plan for their middle schools.

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