Jonathan Peraza

SELI 2018 Fellow

Jonathan Peraza is a 2018 graduate of Emory University with a Bachelors in Sociology and concentrations in Ethnic Studies and Central American Studies. With scholarly interests in race/ethnicity, immigration, education, social movements, and Central American studies, Jonathan hopes to merge scholarship and data with implementing effective multicultural and critical pedagogies and mentorship for youth of color, immigrants, and working class students in the South. He will pursue a Masters in Social Foundations of Education at Georgia State University prior to embarking on his Fulbright Fellowship to Guatemala.

Jonathan is placed with the Latin American Association in Atlanta, Georgia this summer working to develop a curriculum for a pilot program called Students of Color for Civic Empowerment (SCCE) that teaches Latinx high schoolers about three themes: civic engagement, social awareness, and deliberating justice. As a curriculum developer and also as an instructor of social awareness, he is giving students the knowledge and tools to push for social and political change in their communities. Using surveys and focus groups, he is also evaluating the ways to improve the program as well as applying for grants to support similar future summer programs.

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