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About the Partners: Our Mission

The faculty and partners involved in the Racial Equity Leadership Network recognize a need to more fully engage in thought partnership with district decision makers and support their efforts as they work toward addressing the significant equity challenges that increasingly exist in our classrooms and communities. We are committed to advancing promising solutions through a combination of collaboration, coaching, policy, practice, advocacy, and action research, and in doing so, we believe we will arrive at a more equitable education system together. 





Southern Education Foundation
The Southern Education Foundation’s (SEF's) mission is to advance equity and excellence in education for all students in the South, particularly low-income students and students of color. SEF uses collaboration, advocacy, and research to improve outcomes from early childhood to adulthood. Their core belief is that education is the vehicle by which all students get fair chances to develop their talents and contribute to the common good. The Southern Education Foundation seeks a South and a nation with a skilled workforce that sustains an expanding economy, where civic life embodies diversity, and where democratic values and practice are promoted. 


The Atlantic Philanthropies 
The Atlantic Philanthropies are dedicated to advancing opportunity, equity and human dignity. Established in 1982, when Chuck Feeney quietly committed virtually all of his assets to the foundation, Atlantic has since made grants approaching $8 billion. In keeping with Mr. Feeney's "Giving While Living," big-bet philosophy, Atlantic invests in systemic change to accelerate improvements in the lives of disadvantaged and vulnerable people. The foundation, which has operated in Australia, Bermuda, Cuba, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, South Africa, the United States and Viet Nam, will complete all grant making in 2016 and conclude operations shortly afterward.


National Equity Project
The National Equity Project’s (NEP) mission is to dramatically improve educational experiences, outcomes, and life options for students and families who have been historically underserved by their schools and districts. NEP’s unique leadership and organizational development approach focuses on the technical, relational, social, and cultural aspects of complex change efforts focused on educational equity. NEP offers a blend of technical expertise and coaching support to achieve systems change, including strategy development, leadership and team development, culturally responsive and instructional decision-making, and process design and facilitation. NEP’s commitment lies in increasing the capacity of leaders (formal and informal) across a system to diagnose, develop, and design new ways to achieve more equitable experiences and results in their communities.


Learning Policy Institute
The Learning Policy Institute (LPI) conducts and communicates independent, high-quality research to improve education policy and practice. Working with policymakers, researchers, educators, community groups, and others, the Institute seeks to advance evidence-based policies that support empowering and equitable learning for each and every child. Nonprofit and nonpartisan, LPI connects policymakers and stakeholders at the local, state, and federal levels with the evidence, ideas, and actions needed to strengthen the education system from preschool through college and career readiness.‚Äč



We are especially grateful for the financial support of The Atlantic Philanthropies.

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