Lillie Huddleston

Equity Director, City Schools of Decatur
Decatur, GA

Dr. Lillie Huddleston is the daughter of career educators from Greenville, Mississippi. She has been committed to education and social justice from an early age. Dr. Huddleston began her career as a Choral Music teacher spending the majority of her teaching career in the Atlanta Public Schools. Dr. Huddleston was struck by the social and emotional challenges and structural inequities her students faced as they navigated the educational system. She went on to pursue a degree in School Psychology and completed her doctoral work at Georgia State University in 2012. Dr. Huddleston held faculty appointments at Georgia State University and Emory University. She provided clinical services and conducted participatory community-based research with individuals from underrepresented/underserved communities. Dr. Huddleston has presented on the topic of cultural diversity at state, national, and international conventions and has authored and co-authored papers on a range of topics related to child and adolescent development.

Dr. Huddleston currently serves as Equity Director for the City Schools of Decatur. In this role, she oversees the district’s strategic efforts to close the racial achievement gap and promote educational equity for all students. Dr. Huddleston leads the District Equity Team, a group of school administrators and equity leaders devoted to increasing the capacity of school-based teams to address issues of inequity related to discipline, academics, and school climate. Dr. Huddleston provides support for school-based equity teams and serves as the district liaison for equity initiatives. Dr. Huddleston’s goal is for every student to be safe, seen, and successful. The district is currently in the process of developing an Equity Action Plan to ensure that all students have the resources, opportunities, and rigorous and relevant learning to ensure their academic success.


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