2006-2010 - SEF widely disseminated the monograph series, Still Striving, to fuel and sustain the learning community within Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).  SEF decided to focus on governance and accreditation because of the central role that trustees and top executives at HBCUs have in meeting and ensuring compliance with new accreditation requirements in higher education. 

Still Striving: Trustees and Presidents of HBCUs Dialogue about Governance and Accreditation

2010 - The publication captures ideas from Historically Black College and University trustees, chancellors, and presidents about important higher education governance issues such as board/executive relations, financial management, policy making and oversight strategies. Download the report.

Still Striving: Using a Hypothetical University (WMU) to Demonstrate Holistic Assessment

2009 - In this monograph by Dr. Caula A. Beyl, Dean of the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, shares a creative and useful exercise that she devised to help university leaders and faculty consider student learning outcome measures at the university, program and course levels. This report is part of a series from SEF's Center to Serve Historically Black Colleges and Universities.  Download the report.

Still Striving: What HBCU Boards of Trustees Need to Know About the SACS Accreditation Process

2007 - The report is the third in a series from SEF's Center To Serve Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Dr. Leroy Davis Sr., former president of South Carolina State University, on what members of the boards of trustees of Historically Black colleges and Universities (HBCUs) need to know about the process and standards by which the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) accredits its member schools.  Download the report.

Still Striving: What HBCU Presidents Need to Know About SACS Accreditation

2007 - A renowned expert on the SACS accreditation process and former president of South Carolina State University, Dr. Leroy Davis has written a primer designed to provide the HBCU president with a better understanding of the accreditation process.  Dr. Davis places accreditation in the context of the chief executive’s other responsibilities and offers concrete recommendations for strengthening her/his role as a leader during this critical period in the life of the institution.  Download the report.

Still Striving: The Role of Faculty and Staff in the SACS Accreditation Process

2007 - This monograph by Dr. Leroy Davis, Sr., a distinguished educator and former HBCU president, is written for the 77 HBCUs for understanding what accreditation processes seek to achieve, benchmarks of best practice, and the philosophy of planning and the commitment to continuous improvement lying at the core of accreditation standards.  Download the report.

Still Striving: Challenges for Boards of Trustees of HBCUs

2006 - Drawing upon her rich experience in leadership and deep knowledge of HBCUs, Dr. June Gary Hopps presents a powerful case for the existence of HBCUs and explores the contemporary context of historically Black institutions.  Dr. Hopps discusses the tremendous responsibilities facing trustees in the current era of intense academic and institutional competitiveness, and she challenges them to become active participants in the accreditation process.  Download the report.


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