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(1999 - 2010) - Initiated in 1999, SEF developed the Miles to Go report series with the aims of supporting statewide efforts in Arkansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi and South Carolina. In these states, a number of statewide organizations and local community based groups were showing strong interest in developing advocacy efforts focused on improving education equity through improved education policy and practice reforms. Over the course of eight years, SEF issued this series of reports, which documented education inequality and advanced innovative policies to reduce gross disparities in resources and outcomes based on income, race, and ethnicity. Reports are organized by state alphabetically below.

Miles To Go: Arkansas

2002 - A collaboration of Arkansas citizens and SEF, this report finds the state's education system does not equally prepare all students for higher education, which is essential to success in today's skills-driven economy.  Despite Arkansas' improved educational policies and practices, low income and African American students who need the most help are the least well served.  The report challenges policy makers to expand the state's economic growth by adequately funding and extending its educational reforms for the benefit of all students. Download the report.

Miles To Go: Arkansas Update

2003 - After the 2002 release of the SEF report, Miles to Go Arkansas, the Arkansas State Supreme Court issued a decision mandating adequate and equitable education for all of the state's public school students.  In this update, SEF uses specially commissioned studies in education and personal income to show how educational investments in Arkansas today will advance the state's future economic development and quality of life. Download the report.

Miles to Go: Arkansas Pre-Kindergarten

2006 - This report documents the economic and educational gains that Arkansas can realize over time if it expands pre-K to cover most three- and four-year old children in the state.  The report documents the link between education and income in Arkansas and the vital role that pre-K can play in advancing both the state's education and its economy.  The report also demonstrates the need to expand pre-K and various challenges ahead in the expansion of high-quality pre-K. Download the report.

Miles to Go: Louisiana

2006 - This report documents the economic and educational gains that Louisiana can realize over time if it increases high school and college enrollment and graduation rates; expanding funding and coverage of high-quality pre-Kindergarten programs; and reduces education gaps by race and income in academic performance and resources.  The report shows the link between education and income in Louisiana and the vital role that p-20 education plays in advancing both the state's economy, income levels, and quality of life.  Download the report.

Miles to Go: Maryland

1999 - This report on the status of African American in public education in Maryland, builds on SEF's original Miles to Go report, which found that 45 years after Brown v. Board of Education, the state's African Americans lagged significantly behind whites in all measures of college access and success.  An early call to action recommended Maryland invest in programs that improve college readiness and teacher preparation and increase financial aid to equalize opportunities for all students. Download the report.

Miles to Go: Mississippi

2006 - The report documents how the Mississippi economy declined in relation to the national economy in recent decades; over most of the last 25 years, personal income has remained virtually flat when compared to the nation.  In 1980, Mississippi's per capita income was 69 percent of the national average.  Today, it is approximately 72 percent of the national average today -- a net gain of only 3 percentage points in 25 years.  In terms of current dollars, Mississippi's economic gap means that on average each person in the state had $9,570 less in income than the average American.  Download the report.

Miles to Go: Mississippi Update: Improving Education and the Economy from the Start

2009 - The report shows that Mississippi - ranked 50th in the nation in per capita income - isn't likely to improve its economic condition even after the current recession unless and until most of its young people have access to a preschool program that prepares them to enter school-ready. Download the report.

Miles to Go: Mississippi Pre-K: Time to Begin

2010 - The report finds Mississippi is the only Southern state that has no state-supported pre-Kindergarten program.  The brief reviews how Mississippi is falling behind other states in the Deep South in early childhood education; why Mississippi need a pre-K program now; options for how the state can finance such a program; and current opportunities (even in economic hard times) for Mississippi to begin to build on existing assets to establish a pre-K program for the benefit of all Mississippians in the future.  Download the report.

Miles To Go: South Carolina

2002 - Despite South Carolina's recent educational improvements, there remain stubborn patterns of uneven investment and a serious disparity in outcomes along the lines of race, geography, and income.  This report suggests goals and strategies South Carolina must follow to promote fairness in educational opportunity statewide.  Its recommendations are the work of SEF and a diverse task force of South Carolinians who met for two years to review data and exchange ideas about how to create a world-class educational system in the state.  Download the report.



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