Dr. Ebony Green

Executive Director, Equity and Access Newburgh Enlarged City School District
Newburgh, NY

Dr. Ebony Green was born in Brooklyn, NY but grew up in Orange County, NY. She graduated from Mount Saint Mary College (BA), Binghamton University (MA), City College of New York, (MS) and Mercy College (MS). She completed her doctorate degree in system leadership from Sage College of Albany. While studying at Mount Saint Mary College, she spent much of her time volunteering within the Newburgh community.

Dr. Green began her dedication to underrepresented children in 2001 when she became a special education teacher in the South Bronx.  There, she worked for 11 years as a special education teacher, staff developer and assistant principal. While working for the NYC Department of Education, she opened a tutoring company specializing in one-to-one tutoring for students with exceptional needs while working as an adjunct professor at Mercy College and Pace University.  As an educator in NYC, she worked with a team of three to turnaround a failing school within three years, demonstrating the school’s turnaround by improving its rating from a D to an A rating two years in a row. This turnaround included the removal from the New York State ‘persistently dangerous’ list and achieving a ‘well-developed’ on the Quality Review rubric for New York State.

In 2011, Dr. Green accepted a position as assistant principal at Horizons on the Hudson, in Newburgh, NY. Two years after her arrival at Horizons on the Hudson she was asked to become acting principal at Vails Gate STEAM Academy. Dr. Green worked closely with staff to significantly improve the culture of collaboration within the building while systematically improving teaching and learning for all students at Vails Gate. She and her leadership team worked diligently to turnaround Vails Gate STEAM Academy into a high-performing STEAM-focused school that provides departmentalized instruction for students in K-5 while implementing an initiative that would provide students with full access to technology. In 2016, Dr. Green was selected to head up the Department of Equity and Access as Executive Director of Equity and Access within the Newburgh Enlarged City School District. Within this leadership position, she has great autonomy in redefining and reconstructing the systems in place that serve all underrepresented youth within the district. There, she continues to leverage resources to support the needs of all students, particularly those who have systemically been marginalized within the school district and greater society.

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