Governors Races Foreword

On November 6th, 2018, 36 states will hold gubernatorial elections with nine of those taking place in the South. 

Governors play a very important role in directing a state’s education policy. From approving budgets, to signing/vetoing legislation, to (in many states) appointing the state superintendent and more, the position of Governor is embedded with significant power to affect the lives of millions of children.

For this reason, the Southern Education Foundation has compiled critical education policy stances on the Democratic and Republican candidates running for various governorships in the South for the 2018 mid-term election. The analysis focuses on different Southern states’ recent history in regards to school funding, school choice, and more. This information is provided as a service to voters so that they can see what candidates have said and done in regards to education both in their campaigns and throughout their careers.

While there is a wide variety of education policy issues to be covered in each individual state, this analysis focuses on a very specific set of policy concerns. The chosen topics were those that matched three criteria: those that are currently being spoken about by candidates, those that are currently the center of public concern, and those that align with our organization’s mission of pursuing equity for low-income children and children of color.

This resource is also meant as a general overview and introduction to different candidates and states. For more information on individual states, please visit the webpages of the following organizations:

Georgia Budget & Policy Institute National Education Association The Education Trust EdBuild
Education Law Center Center for Budget and Policy Priorities National Governors Association  


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