Florida Candidate Comparison

Andrew Gillum (D)

Current Mayor of Tallahassee

Ron DeSantis (R)

Former Member of the U.S. House of Representatives, Florida's 6th District

Education Record/History Education Record/History
2017: Expressed opposition to HB 7055, which expanded Florida’s school choice programs   2017: Introduced Higher Education Reinvestment and Opportunity (HERO) Act, which would allow states to develop their own alternative accreditation systems for institutions of higher learning
2017Co-sponsored "A-Plus" Act, which would allow states to use federal education funds for any lawful education purpose that was deemed fit
2017: Expressed opposition to HB 7069, which established the “Schools of Hope” program allowing charter management organizations to open new charter schools within the attendance zone (or a 5-mile radius) of low-performing schools  2017: Co-sponsored HR 1921, which would have replaced the federal Head Start program with block grants to states and Indian tribes for prekindergarten (pre-K) education
  2015: Voted to support the expansion of funding for the federal Scholarships for Opportunity and Results (SOAR) voucher program for students in Washington D.C. to attend private schools
  2014Co-sponsored HR 476, which “strongly denounce[ed] [former President Obama's] coercion of States into adopting the Common Core State Standards”
Education Platform Education Platform
School Funding: Supports investing an additional $1 billion in Florida’s public education system School Funding: Supports allowing for federal Title I funding to follow students to any school their families choose, including private religious schools 
School Choice: Opposes for-profit charter schools and has highlighted “waste and unaccountability” within the charter school sector School Choice: Supports expanding school choice in Florida 
Pre-K: Supports increasing funding for early childhood education via a general $1 billion dollar increase in public education funding Common CoreOpposes Common Core 
Teachers: Proposes to raise starting teacher salaries to $50,000 Teachers: Supports boosting classroom spending for teachers via an 80% classroom spending plan to ensure 80% of education spending goes to classroom expenditures
Higher Education: Supports ensuring that college students graduate debt-free and encouragous businesses to play a role in their workforce’s education Higher EducationSupports making schools with poor student loan repayment rates pay fines, as well as expanding options to include massive online open courses and certification exams 




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