Alabama Candidate Comparison

Walt Maddox (D)

Current Mayor of Tuscaloosa, Alabama‚Äč

Kay Ivey (R)

Current Governor of Alabama‚Äč

Education History/Record Education History/Record
2001: Executive Director of Personnel for Tuscaloosa City Schools 2018: Signed largest education budget since 2008

2018: Signed SAFE Council Executive Order to enhance school safety

1996-2001: Field Director for the Alabama Education Association 2017: Proposed “Strong Start, Strong Finish” initiative to advance early childhood education, computer science, and workforce preparedness
Education Platform Education Platform
  • School Reform Via Education Lottery: Supports state lottery funding to offer higher education scholarships, access to Pre-K programs, school funding for low-income students, and mental health services

Literacy: Supports Alabama’s Grade-Level Reading Campaign to improve literacy rate; supports a $5 million increase to Alabama’s Reading Initiative; and supports establishing a summer reading program to address the backslide in the summer months

  • Public Schools: Opposes diverting funds from traditional education programs for school safety measures 

Pre-K: Supports a $23 million increase to Alabama’s Pre-K program

School Safety: Supports comprehensive school safety reform

Tax Credits Scholarships: Supports income tax credits to offset the cost of transferring from a “failing” school to a “non-failing” public or private school

School Funding: Supports closing gaps caused by varying property values

School Choice: Supports expanding access to charter schools



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