Amanda Assalone, Postdoctoral Research and Policy Analyst
Leah Austin, Vice President of Programs
William Berry, Advancing Public Education Full-Year Fellow

Autumn Blanchard, Director of Marketing & Communications
Micah Evans, Program Assistant
Chandra Halstead, Office Manager
Troy Johnson, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operations Officer
Emily Kelly, Program Assistant
Kent McGuire, President, Chief Executive Officer
Vanessa E. Meyer, Director: Strategic Initiatives, Office of the President 
DeShawn Preston, Higher Education Research Fellow
Kenita T. Williams, Director, Racial Equity Leadership Network


Board of Trustees

Esther Aguilera, President and CEO, Latino Corporate Directors Association
Frederick J. Frelow, Board Treasurer, Senior Program Officer, Ford Foundation | New York, NY
Lisa Hamilton, Board Secretary, Vice President, External Affairs, Annie E. Casey Foundation | Baltimore, MD
Susan Whealler Johnston, Executive Vice President, AGB |Washington, DC
Milton J. Little, Jr., Board Chair, President, United Way of Greater Atlanta | Atlanta, GA
Kent McGuire, (ex-officio) President, Southern Education Foundation | Atlanta, GA
Michael T. Nettles, Senior Vice President at ETS, | Princeton, NJ
Warren Simmons, Senior Fellow, Annenberg Institute for School Reform | Providence, RI


The SEF Board of Trustees login portal is available here.

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