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Southern Education Foundation Report Examines "Untold Barriers" Facing Low-Income Black Students. Connect. May, 2017. // Improving College Access & Completion


A Failing Grade for K-12 State Takeovers. Education Week. January, 2016. //  Advancing Public Education


A Historical Mission in the Accountability Era: A Public HBCU and State Performance Funding. Educational Policy. May, 2015. // Improving College Access and Completion

Mapped: The places where most public school children are poor. The Washington Post. May, 2015. // Advancing Public Education

The Stark Inequality of U.S. Public Schools, Mapped. The Atlantic: City Lab. May, 2015. // Advancing Public Education

Majority of U.S. public school students are in poverty. Washington Post. January, 2015. // Advancing Public Education

Study Finds Widespread Poverty Among U.S. Public School Children. The New York Times. January, 2015. // Advancing Public Education

More students living in poverty strains education system. PBS NewsHour. January, 2015. // Advancing Public Education

More Than Half Of American Public Schoolchildren Live In Poverty: Study. The Huffington Post. January, 2015. // Advancing Public Education

New Milestone: Majority of Public School Students Now Considered Low-Income. Education Week. January, 2015. // Advancing Public Education


Mississippi's youngest students pile on the absences, lose learning time. The Hechinger Report. October, 2014. // Promoting Early Learning Opportunities

Nation's Wealthy Places Pour Private Money Into Public Schools, Study Finds. The New York Times. October 2014. // Advancing Public Education

Core of the Matter: If New Designs and Teaching and Learning Come to Pass, Vulnerable Learners Win with the Common Core. Alliance for Excellent Education. 2014. // Advancing Public Education

Fighting for Survival. Inside Higher Education. 2014. //  Improving College Access and Completion

Addressing Virtually Segregated Schools. Education Week. 2014. // Advancing Public Education

The Next Juvenile Justice Reform. The New York Times. April 20, 2014. // Advancing Public Education

Juvenile Justice System Not Meeting Educational Needs, Report Says. Education Week. April 18, 2014. // Advancing Public Education

The Education Being Provided to this Group of Students is Absolutely Inadequate Says Study. The Huffington Post. April 17, 2014. // Advancing Public Education

Mississippi finally funds statewide pre-K-but only for six percent of its youngest learners. The Hechinger Report. March 23, 2014. // Advancing Public Education


Institutional Context is Vital to Federal College Affordability Plan. HBCU Digest. December, 2013. // Improving College Access and Completion

Study: Almost Half of Public School Students are Now Low-Income. The Atlantic. November, 2013. // Advancing Public Education

Study: Poor children are now the majority in American public schools in South, West. The Washington Post. October, 2013. // Advancing Public Education

The Hidden War Against Gay Teens. RollingStone. October 10, 2013. // Advancing Public Education

Backed by State Money, Georgia Scholarships Go to Schools Barring Gays. The New York Times. September, 2013. // Advancing Public Education

Fixing Developmental Education. HuffPost College. April, 2013. // Improving College Access and Completion

Education Group Claims tax credit program is widely abused. The Atlanta Journal Constitution. January 27, 2013. // Advancing Public Education


Does tax break aid kids? No. Public schools suffer as abuses divert millions to private schools. The Atlanta Journal Constitution. June, 2012. // Advancing Public Education

Public Money Finds Back Door to Private Schools. The New York Times. May, 2012. // Advancing Public Education

Let's Focus on Teacher Quality, Then Cost. The New York Times. January, 2012. // Advancing Public Education


Georgia pre-k cutting retention rates, study shows. The Atlanta Journal Constitution. 2011. // Promoting Early Learning Opportunities

Pre-K for Georgia's chidren is no educational luxury. The Atlanta Journal Constitution. 2011. // Promoting Early Learning Opportunities


Southern Schools Mark Two Majorities. The New York Times. 2010. // Advancing Public Education


New Orleans schools' recovery depends on increased federal involvement, report says. The Times-Picayune. 2009. // Advancing Public Education

Recovery of New Orleans Schools Depends on Increased Involvement, Report Says. Philanthropy News Digest. 2009. // Advancing Public Education


Georgia pre-k falls behind. The Atlanta Journal Constitution. 2008. // Promoting Early Learning Opportunities

High dropout rates Alabama's biggest economic problem, study finds. The Birmingham News. 2008. // Advancing Public Education


South's Schools Pass Milestone on Poverty. Education Week. November, 2007. // Advancing Public Education

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