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For more than 150 years SEF has made outsized contributions to improving education at all levels, from pre-kindergarten through higher education. SEF works to improve equity, excellence, and opportunity in education nationally.  Research, policy analysis, advocacy, and programs are the primary means through which SEF pursues its mission.


Position: Marketing and Communications Coordinator

The Southern Education Foundation, located in Atlanta, GA seeks outstanding candidates to fill a Marketing and Communications Coordinator position. This role will support efforts to strategically develop and disseminate the Southern Education Foundation’s research and analysis as well as promote its visibility locally, regionally, and nationally through various communication platforms. The Communications Coordinator will invest significant time executing marketing strategies, designing and translating information into digestible content for key stakeholders across the education pipeline inclusive of advocates, researchers, practitioners, policymakers, and the general public. This position will report directly to the Director of Marketing & Communications. Applicants should be self-driven, goal oriented, and demonstrate a unique energy and enthusiasm for using creative designs to communicate complex ideas. A successful candidate will strengthen SEF’s mission and impact in the field by helping us find new and creative ways to tell our story. Click below to learn more & apply.


Position: Leadership Program Associate

The Southern Education Foundation seeks outstanding candidates to fill a Leadership Program Associate position. This position is dedicated to the advancement of a comprehensive, proactive leadership strategy that furthers the mission and goals of SEF to advance creative solutions to ensure equity and excellence in education for low-income students and students of color in the south. Candidates interested in this position should have working knowledge and genuine interest in both K-12 and minority serving institutions and the students most likely to attend them. Click below to learn more & apply.


Position: Postsecondary Data and Policy Analyst

The Southern Education Foundation seeks outstanding candidates to fill a Postsecondary Data and Policy Analyst. This role is largely dedicated to the advancement of postsecondary research, policy analysis, and programming intended to improve educational opportunities and attainment among students of color and low-income students. This includes a focus on the institutions of higher education dedicated to serving these populations as well as related federal and state policies that influence institutional practice. Click below to learn more & apply.

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