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The Next Needed Thing: SEF's role in the history of Southern Education

Released on the eve of a new century, this essay from the 1999 SEF Annual Report reviews SEF's programs, role, and work during the prior two centuries. The essay starts with the founding of the Peabody Education Fund in 1867 and chronicles SEF's programs and strategies over the decades in the context of the times. It is the history of an organization always ready, as Jeanes teachers once declared, to do the "next needed thing" --- to improve education for all.  Download


Miles To Go: Maryland

This report on the status of African Americans in public education in Maryland builds on SEF’s original Miles to Go, which found that 45 years after Brown v. Board of Education, the state’s African Americans lagged significantly behind Whites in all measures of college access and success. An early “call to action,” it recommends Maryland invest in programs that improve college readiness and teacher preparation and increase financial aid to equalize opportunities for all students. Download




Miles To Go

Miles to Go is second of several SEF studies about opportunities for higher education in the South. Focusing on the status of African Americans in states that operated dual public higher education systems as late as 1992, the analysis expands upon a 1995 report and finds access to and success in higher education remain elusive for too many Blacks. Among other suggestions, this report recommends states adopt comprehensive plans to achieve equity in higher education.  Download







Redeeming the American Promise-Full Report

Report of the Panel on Educational Opportunity and Postsecondary Desegregation (1995, 134 pages)
In 1992 the Supreme Court ruled that states must eliminate all remnants of officially imposed segregation from public colleges and universities. SEF believes U.S. v. Fordice offers Southern states the chance to develop effective solutions to enduring educational problems associated with race and income in order to benefit the whole nation. This report, the product of a diverse panel of experts, details the policies, actions and programs required to meet the promise of equal educational opportunity.  Download


Empowering HBCU’s Through Libraries



Ensuring Equity: Recommendations to Federal, State, and Local Policymakers

Education in a Changing South: New Policies, Patterns, and Programs

Diversity in the HBCU: Implications for the Library


Excellence in the Black College: Implications for the Library


The Revitalization of Teacher Education Programs at Historically Black Colleges: Four Case Studies


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