Time to Lead Again:The Promise of Georgia Pre-K


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Georgia pre-k falls behind. The Atlanta Journal Constitution. (2008).

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The Promise of Georgia Pre-K: Building Life-Long Education, Current Budget Savings and Long-Term Economic Growth in Hard Times. Southern Education Foundation. (2011).

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Suitts, Steve and Lauren Veasey. Time to Lead Again: The Promise of Georgia Pre-K. Southern Education Foundation. (2008).


2008 - The report examines Georgia’s lottery-supported pre-kindergarten program (Pre-K), including trends in access and enrollment, program quality, and per child expenditures.  Time to Lead Again documents where Georgia Pre-K is falling behind and has already lost its national standing as the nation’s best Pre-K program.

  • For the past decade, Georgia Pre-K enrollment has been stuck at around 50 percent of the state’s four-year-olds.  Enrollment in nearly 1/3 of Georgia’s counties is below the state average.
  • Georgia Pre-K has become an essential first step to help children start school-ready and achieve at higher levels later.  Children from Georgia Pre-K are more school-ready than any other group of students in the state when they reach kindergarten.
  • After adjustments for inflation, Pre-K resources for each child in Georgia have actually declined over time.

 The report argues, universal, high-quality Pre-K is one of the best long-term investments Georgia can make to improve its education and boost its economy.  Over the next 40 years, Georgia will get back $5.12 for every dollar the state invests in expanding Pre-K enrollment and improving the high-quality of its program across the state.  Georgia has both the need and the means to move forward to become the first, truly universal, high-quality Pre-K program in America.  This is the promise of Georgia Pre-K, a promise that the State of Georgia needs to keep.  Now is the time.

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