Learning and Improvement Networks

Why Support Learning Networks?

SEF recognizes that in this fast moving world, collaboration across institution, system, and geography is that much more complex and in some instances challenging than ever before.  Learning networks provide advocates and systems leaders the opportunity to share resources, insights, and know-how for addressing the needs of their community.  Through workshops, convening, task forces, commissions, and webinars we support leadership in designing and imagining better ways to work together, and in identifying more inclusive and responsible strategies, models, and new ideas to ensure all children and youth are adequately supported and can succeed. 


MSI Consortium for Innovation and Change

The MSI Consortium for Innovation and Change highlights and supports state-of-the-art initiatives that effectively improve the practice of developmental education, advance the capacity of institutions to assess and articulate student learning outcomes, and improve the delivery of campus financial services.  Learn more about the innovations being developed and the institutions partnering with SEF on this effort.


Teaching and Learning Work Group

SEF is in the process of developing this work group, believing it is important to engage education leaders on ways to advance new ideas for teaching the new majority of low income students and students of color in our schools.  Read more about the aims of this work.

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