Raaziq El-Amin

2017 SELI Fellow
Grantmakers for Southern Progress

Raaziq El-Amin is a rising junior at Transylvania University in Lexington, Kentucky where he studies Anthropology. This summer, Raaziq will work with Grantmakers for Southern Progress in Atlanta, Georgia to develop and disseminate research tracking demographic trends occurring in the South and advocating for strategic partnerships, investment and structural change so that all people can succeed.  Prior to SELI, Raaziq was a FACETIME counselor, a writer for the Rambler Student Newspaper, and a concert and prep band instrumentalist.

“I am delighted to be a fellow this summer because I know that the resources and skills to which I will gain access to will be everlasting. The most exciting aspect of my role as a fellow is that I finally get to work alongside a mentor in the field. To be able to access the knowledge, experiences, and skills of a social justice leader with such finesse is an astounding possibility. I am so honored to be granted the opportunity to be a summer fellow, and I cannot wait to take these tools back to my own community in Kentucky! Thanks to SELI, I feel confident in embarking on one of the biggest stepping stones toward achieving my goal of influencing positive social change yet.” 
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