Jordan Tafari

2017 SELI Fellow
One Voice Mississippi

Jordan Tafari is a rising senior at Morehouse College and is studying Sociology. He will work this summer with One Voice, Mississippi in Jackson. Prior to SELI, Tafari was a Next Generation Men Fellow, an intern with the US Department of Education’s Assistant Secretary, an intern with the District of Columbia Public Schools, a member of Morehouse College Student Government, and a Bonners Scholar Education Policy Coordinator.

“I am excited to work with One Voice to help reform a wide range of education inequalities, including the school-to-prison pipeline, school choice, suspension, and more. Mississippi, historically, has been one of the lower performing states in terms of education. I am interested to see how the intersect between educational practice and public school education will be affected nationally under the new federal administration. Ultimately, I hope with the work I will conduct with One Voice, we can give children who have been mis-educated, the possibilities to reach all their dreams and goals.” 
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