Destiny Reyes

2017 SELI Fellow

Destiny Reyes graduated this May from Rollins College with a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Honors English. She will intern this summer with UnifiED in Chattanooga, Tennessee to support the Hamilton County Equity Roundtable campaign to identify best practices and models for reducing concentrated poverty in schools and other common pitfalls harming student achievement. Prior to SELI, Reyes was a Campus Election Engagement Project Fellow, a Democracy Student Coordinator, a volunteer for numerous local nonprofits in her community and a member of the Rollins College Debate Team.

“I'm excited about working with SELI this summer because I'm hoping to see real change around education policy taking place that I can be a part of. My placement site, UnifiEd, will be working to raise funding for the schools in Hamilton County, Tennessee, and shaping policy as a result. I'm also excited for the community engagement portion of my fellowship, where I will be talking directly to the community about what changes they want to see in their public schools.” 
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