Darien Smith

2017 SELI Fellow
College Factory, Inc.

Darien Smith is graduate student at the University of Maryland in Baltimore and is working towards a Master of Arts in Student Affairs. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Education from Clemson University. This summer, Darien will work with College Factory, Inc. in Athens, Georgia to develop a community needs assessment and assist with a college and build upon the college going culture through career planning programs in the community. Prior to SELI, Darien was the graduate coordinator for the University of Maryland’s Residence Life, the Student co-chair for the ACC Leadership Conference, and served in various leadership capacities on Clemson University’s campus.

“I am grateful for the opportunity provided by SEF through SELI to compliment my graduate education. The chance to dig deep into the ways policy impacts the educational opportunities for youth of the South, particularly the college access and completion culture of the South, is a meaningful one for me. My placement site, the College Factory, will allow me to witness first-hand the power of community-focused work designed to increase the college-going culture of students from marginalized backgrounds. I am thrilled to experience the combined efforts of educators, college and high school students, as well as their parents and families working together to uplift and counter the current negative narrative of the greater Athens community.“
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