Daisy Border

2017 SELI Fellow
Center for Popular Democracy

Daisy Borders is a rising junior at Davidson College in Gainesville, Florida where she studies English. She was selected as the 2017 Ginny Looney Fund Fellow by former SEF Vice President, Steve Suitts. This summer she will work with the advocacy organization, Center for Popular Democracy based in Washington, DC to push back against privatization of public education. Borders is an active Bonners Scholar on her campus and volunteer within her community. She is also a NCAA Division I Track and Field Team Captain at her school. Daisy was selected to be the 2017 Ginny Looney Scholar.

"I am excited about SELI and this summer, because finally, I have found a group of people interested in achieving the same goals as me. It isn’t every day you come across a community as supportive as I have found. Here, SELI fosters an environment in which I can sustain my passion for education equity, particularly in rural communities."
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