Ways you Can Give Back to SELI 

Your summer fellowship experience may be over, but SEF still hopes we can continue to develop your leadership capacities in education and membership in professional networks and communities focused on improving education equity.  Here are just a few ways you can stay connected with our leadership development efforts. 

Mentor a SELI Fellow 

Each summer, SELI fellows are placed throughout the South in major cities and are looking for opportunities to meet with stakeholders (especially SELI Alum!) to understand what educational challenges are most pressing in your community.  Sign up to chat with a fellow by contacting Vanessa Meyer, Program Director, Office of the President.

Stay Connected 

Want to connect with members of your cohort or alum of other years?  Gain access to the alumni web forum by contacting Vanessa E. Meyer, Program Director, Office of the President.

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Give Back to SELI

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