Racial Equity Leadership Network Benefits

As members of the Racial Equity Leadership Network, fellows will: 

  • Engage and enlist internal and external stakeholders in addressing the factors in the education system that contribute to existing disparities in child well-being and learning outcomes;
  • Leverage community voice and demand, quantitative and qualitative data, and local opportunities, in order to influence and advance strategic goals and practice change and;
  • Advance education policy and practice that is equity-centered and results in student well-being and deeper learning outcomes for children.

Network Benefits:

  • Time & Space: An opportunity to step away from the daily pressures and demands to engage and reflect thoughtfully and share intellectually and practically as educational leaders.
  • Peer Networks: Fellows will have an opportunity to share and receive lessons and support from district leaders, who understand the unique complexity of the regional challenges leaders confront, while capitalizing on opportunities for peer learning, support and advising, and building alliances.
  • Access to Exclusive Networking & Learning Opportunities: Fellows and their district colleagues will be invited to participate in exclusive Racial Equity Leadership Network events (ex. Speaker Series, Regional Development Events, Symposiums, District Learning Visits, etc.), that allow them to engage with other thought leaders, policymakers and innovators in the field of education.
  • Racial Equity-In-Action Inquiry Cycle: Fellows will receive support identifying a challenge, designing an approach, executing a strategy, and reporting back on progress and lessons learned. Fellows will also have access to other resources that will enable effective implementation.
  • Coaching & Technical Assistance: Fellows will work with SEF Network Faculty to co-design and customize coaching and technical assistance designed to support district teams to advance an equity agenda. Coaching and technical assistance could include but is not limited to:
    • Communications Strategy
    • Equitable School Finance
    • Community Schools Strategy Development
    • Equity Strategy Development
    • Executive Coaching and Team Development
    • District Equity Audits
    • Listening Campaigns 

‚Äč*Travel, lodging, meals and learning materials will be provided for each fellow by the Southern Education Foundation.

Network Convenings At a Glance







JUN 2017 OCT 2017 MAR 2018 JUL 2018 FOLLOW-UP DEC 2018

RELN Fellows Kick-off & Community Building

Leading for Equity in Complex Systems

Designing New Models for Learning & Accountability

Engaging Families & Community in Education Equity Reform Initiatives

Leveraging Policy to Interrupt Systemic Inequities

Dedicated Coaching & Technical Assistance

Sharing Lessons & Results of Racial Equity-In-Action Cycles

* Convening topics are in development and subject to change.

Interested in applying? Please forward all inquiries to our RELN Program Coordination Team at racialequity@southerneducation.org.

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