Campaign and Coalition Support

Why Support Campaigns and Coalitions?

SEF works to inform and support campaigns and coalitions across the South, at the local, state, and regional levels believing there is a need for engaging, connecting, and aligning diverse stakeholders within and across states to employ multi-strategy approaches to advance high quality education for all students.  Through this strategy, we work to strengthen and leverage the capacity of advocates for education in communities across the region, to grow strategic alliances, and to highlight the learnings of schools, districts, advocates, organizers, and policymakers.  We provide communications, messaging, convening, research, and other resources to support campaigns on a variety of issues impacting equity in education. 


Advancing Public Education Regional Network

Through this informal regional network, SEF provides research, strategies, and other resources to advocates for public education.  With limited resources in the advocacy and social justice communities of the South, SEF works to better align and leverage the existing capacities of the field, through messaging and communications support, place-based initiatives, networking and information sharing, and more.  Learn more about the goals and activities underway for this effort.  

School Climate and Juvenile Justice

High rates of suspensions and push-out—a significant challenge for Southern schools—negatively impact academic performance for at-risk students.  SEF is building awareness of this challenge regionally, and supporting state-level coalitions and education leaders to identify solutions to create change.  Read more about the purpose and strategies being employed through this initiative.

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