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The Southern Education Foundation (SEF) works to advance creative solutions to ensure fairness and excellence in education for all. SEF is a public charity with offices in Atlanta, Georgia.

Through a variety of programs and strategies involving research, analysis, advocacy, technical assistance, and outreach, SEF works to:

  • Improve education policy and practice

  • Inform the public about education issues and policy options

  • Strengthen parent, school, and private sector efforts to better meet the needs of underachieving students and prepare America's future workforce

  • Promote a high quality of universal education

From the beginning in 1867, SEF has been a small organization with a huge, timeless mission: to improve educational excellence and equity in the South. Today, in a global village, SEF believes that America needs to develop the talents and contributions of all people in order to thrive and create a prosperous future for everyone.


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