Don Trowell

Student, Senior
Fern Creek High School

About the Speaker

Don Trowell is a 17 year old senior at Fern Creek High School in Louisville, Kentucky.  He is involved in many student voice teams and movements in the Jefferson County Public School system and across the state. In hopes to better empower the local area, Don participates in various programs including: What’s The Story KY, LIFT JCPS/KY, The Prichard Committee Student Voice Team, and other community organizations.  Working in Fern Creek’s school garden and learning the connection between real life and how a student can change the school system has made education a reality for Don. Don is also founder of The Black Student Union (BSU) in his school and is working toward a county wide BSU amongst all schools in the county.

Don was the first student to attend the Colombia Group’s meeting to better the school system in Kentucky. Also among all of these accomplishments, Don along with his LIFT JCPS team won the Student Voice in Action award under leader, Stan Torzewski and Kip Hottman, through the Student Voice Team of the Prichard Committee. Don is passionate about social justice and thinks critically about the adversities faced by minorities and attempts to empower others to work together towards solutions.  

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